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Commovente, emozionante discorso della prima senatrice aborigena australiana. Un tributo alla famiglia di questa atleta olimpica e alla battaglia per l’indipendenza e il riconoscimento dei diritti della sua gente.

I would just like to close today with a story that has stayed in my heart for many years. At the 2000 Sydney Olympics there were hundreds of very excited and enthusiastic volunteers. An elderly man amongst them at the athletics track greeted me each and every day and wished me well. On the evening of the semi-finals of the 4x400m he did not wish me well, he just handed me a piece of paper and said, ‘Read it just before you enter the stadium.’ I put it in my pocket and proceeded to the check-in and then walked with my team-mates, Tamsyn Lewis, Susan Andrews and Jana Pitman. We were without Cathy Freeman that evening, and we had to finish in the top two to reach the Olympic final. We all felt the weight of Australian expectation resting on our shoulders, our adrenaline was pumping and we did our best to stay cool. We walked into the stadium to be greeted by 110,000 screaming sporting enthusiasts.

I reached into my pocket and read the words on the paper: ‘NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO THOSE WHO SEE THE INVISIBLE. I did not really know what it meant, and I did not have much time to reflect on it. But it seemed to inspire me, those words written by a kind, elderly man. The four of us went out that evening and ran the race of our lives. I anchored the team and we broke a 23-year-old Australian record. And we made it into the Olympic final. I returned to the warm up track where he greeted me with a big hug. And I asked him: ‘What does it mean?’ He simply replied: ‘It was my ticket to freedom, I thought about it every day that I was held captive.’ It turned out he was a former prisoner of war!

Ma, Bor Bor.


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novembre 14, 2013 a 11:55 am

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